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TKO Industrial is a leader in providing timely, reliable and cost effective leak repair solutions

Leak Repair

Leak Repair

Online Leak Sealing

With over 20 Years of combined experience in the field of Online Leak Repair.  You can count on, and trust TKO to keep your critical equipment operational.  Our team consists of uniquely qualified, highly skilled technicians.  Our safety-first culture and expertise allows us to respond and act on our clients immediate needs on time, on budget and with a reliable custom suited repair. We strive to bring value to our customer's operations throughout the project cycle.

Composite Repair

Composite Repair

Engineered Composite Wraps

Our highly skilled technicians are all trained in various composite wrap applications.  With our years experience in this field we are able to recognize cost saving opportunities such as composite wrapping will provide superior performance to the typical leak repair applications.

The composite wrap system is engineered specifically for each application and is ASME PCC-2 compliant.  These options improve the mechanical integrity and operational reliability of our clients piping systems.


Leak Repair

  • Valve Packing Leak Repairs
  • Online Valve Repairs
  • Bolted Joint Leak Repairs
  • Custom Fabricated Enclosure
  • Drill, Tap and Inject - LDAR Repairs
  • Piping and vessel leak sealing and mechanical repairs

Composite Wrap

  • Piping Systems, Support Columns, Beams, and Process Equipment
  • Provides excellent strength, bonding and chemical resistance
  • Engineering Calculation Report with every installation
  • ASME PCC-2 Compliant
  • Offers corrosion and fire protection
  • Economical Repair Solution, avoiding costly replacement
  • Installation while pipeline is in operation, eliminating unplanned downtime
  • Versatile for application on complex pipe geometries (e.g. elbows, tees, nozzles and bends)

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